How to format a grant proposal

Organize the grant proposal utilizing the following headings—numbered for clarification—and followed by the required information:

  1. Name of organization
  2. Amount of requested funds
  3. Beginning and ending of the funding period
  4. Purpose of the request (100 words or less)
  5. List of the organization’s goals/objectives that relate to this request
  6. The beneficiaries of the request
  7. The perceived impact of this request on the organization and the community
  8. Plans for future requests from the Foundation
  9. Other principles funders supporting this program/project
  10. Budget worksheet that shows how the funds will be used


If an organization receives a grant, it will submit a final report at the conclusion of the grant period. This report will outline the disposition of the funds and will show how much of the grant was used, for what purpose, and the closing date of the project.